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Who we are:

eCubed is a professional education development company with a passion for improving performance through learning and technology. We have over 20 years of experience in the e-learning and competency management industries.

Together with our expertise and our innovative design process, we offer customized, cost effective solutions which will enhance the skills, knowledge and motivation of your employees.

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eCubed supports clients with rich targeted solutions through a best in-class methodology for developing flexible, scalable, and reusable content. We offer a range of creative, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that help participants better contextualize the information.

We offer a range of creative, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that help participants better contextualize the information


Competency Management

Competency is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Competencies encompass knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success in the workplace

Using industry validated competency models, eCubed provides gap analysis and remediation services to maximize your organization’s potential. We then create a competency framework for your organization and for each position in your organization by identifying the key abilities required to improve performance and achieve success.

eCubed will be with you every step of the way, including best training practices based on your needs as well as outcome evaluation and reporting.

Reports on Demand

eCubed offers a user-friendly reporting system that simplifies administration, compliance, and auditing for all levels of access including management and staff.


Learning Services

Course Development

eCubed provides course development services in accordance with best practices and client specifications. Our engaging courses incorporate innovation and creativity to enhance learner retention.

Development options include:

  • Programs and courses developed from scratch. eCubed provides subject-matter expertise, research and course development with limited support from the client partner.
  • Programs and courses are developed with the aid of a dedicated subject-matter expert employed by the client for the scope of the project.
  • Client partner provides raw content in an existing medium such as PowerPoint slides or training manuals. eCubed develops courses that re-purpose and/or supplement the existing content.
  • Client partner provides both existing content in an alternate medium and a dedicated subject-matter expert. eCubed works with the dedicated subject-matter expert over the course of the project to produce courses that re-purpose or supplement the raw content.

Instructor Led Training

Whether offered at your location or at an off-site facility, our instructor led training courses are taught by industry experts. These classes are technology-driven, interactive, and engaging. We provide classes around the globe and in a number of languages.

Mobile Services

Just-in-time learning provides training to employees when and where they need it. Users can access course content when they need it, where they need it on any of their mobile devices.

Game Based Training

Game based training can make learning more interactive, engaging, and fun! As in traditional video games, users must master certain skills before moving on to the next level. Instead of learning through absorption of abstract information, users learn through experience by taking action and then seeing results of their action.

Training Simulations

Simulations help employees complete tasks safely and correctly in a true-to-life environments that are safe, controlled, and affordable. This virtual reality offers hands-on learning without expensive equipment and materials for each student. This is also a great option for high risk industries as well as for new hire training.

Social Learning

Social learning platforms are an extension of traditional learning where employees can network, share, collaborate, and exchange ideas in a semi-structured virtual community. Through this social interaction not only is there a better understanding of the subject matter, but also a shared learning experience with their peers.

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